Welcome to CareerGuide.com, your one-stop resource for employment opportunities. This comprehensive guide is divided into two parts, Career Talk and Career Databank.

Career Talk

In Career Talk, you will find information and advice to help you choose the right career — whether you are a school-leaver, a fresh graduate or someone considering a mid-career switch to a new job.

What's New In The Job Market covers major policy announcements, labour law changes and industry updates. There follows a series of essays by recruitment companies, which provide career advice and helpful tips.

Singapore's Education Route traces the various paths taken by Singaporeans from primary school to the workplace, while Pay Guide provides an insight into the latest salary ranges in various positions across industries.

Finally, Graduate Pay and Hot Jobs, presented in two tables, shows employment rates and jobs in high demand respectively.

Career Databank

In Career Databank, 27 industry sectors are covered. In each sector, an industry overview reveals who is employed, what jobs are available, how the industry has developed in Singapore, where the jobs are, why you should consider the sector and how you can join. This is followed by a profile of someone who works in each sector, to give you a personal insight into what motivates him, what qualities his job requires, what gives him job satisfaction and why his job is important.

Finally, there are detailed job listings in each sector, highlighting what the job requires you to do, what personal qualities you will need and entry requirements. Career Databank includes a separate 20-page section on careers in the Public Service for easy reference.

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